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Safety Harness
MSA V-FIT Full Body Harness

With distinctive design and extended padding, V-FIT range of full body harnesses provides high-level comfort for users in all applications.

Features & Benefits
• Fall arrest rated textile loops at the front and a light weight Aluminum back D-ring
• Harness version with two lateral Aluminum D-rings for work positioning
• Shoulder & leg padding for increased comfort
• Fully adjustable shoulder, chest strap & thigh straps for perfect sizing and fit
• Dual load indicator to alert you when the harness has been involved in a fall event
• Bayonet style buckles with locking engagement window to confirm secure connection
• Elastic web keepers provide flexibility to manage excess webbing
• A Velcro cover protects harness label
• Lanyard keepers on shoulder straps to park a lanyard
• Two tool holder loops at the back of the waist belt provide more tool holding options
• 140 kg load capacity

Contractor, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Confined Space, Working at Heights
1000 Cranberry Woods Drive
16066 Pittsburgh
United States

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