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Fall arrester device

The RAPTOR fall arrester redefines the concept of safety since it has two fall indicators that are visible to users. These display the functionality of the device from the outside. A red indicator warns the user as soon as the device is due for inspection. RAPTOR has a modular construction, which means that elements can be interchanged piece by piece. This makes audits easier and reduces maintenance costs. An energy-absorbing inlet damper protects the device housing and interior mechanisms against damage, as well as the user against injuries. The rope-sparing guide pulley prevents additional wear. The carefully thought-out housing design allows space-saving and device-protecting storage. The device can be managed in the SKYLOTEC HOMEBASE thanks to its Data Matrix Code. RAPTOR comes in five different versions: the version with the galvanised steel cable is available in lengths of 6, 10 and 20 metres, whilst the version with textile belt comes in lengths of 6 and 8 metres. AVAILABLE Q1/2018
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