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With a strong and continuous increasing number of visitors, advertising with bSafe will grow your branding and business.
Advertising with bSafe is easy; you can send us your own banner (see below the locations and sizes) or we can create one for you!
In that case, just send us your high-res pictures and a short discription and we will get to work for you.

bSafe will also use your advertisements wihtin the newsletters we send out.
And we will boost them through other channels like social media, blogs and other platforms we can link to. 

We offer two different kind of advertising options and duration. Starting from 15 days up to 30.
If you would like to advertise for a longer period of time, please contact us and we send you a proposition.

1. Banner advertising within the slider on the homepage and directory pages 1024x372px (27x9,8cm on full display)

€ 450,- for 15 days  € 795,- for 30 days

2. Banner advertising (circulated) in bSafe Experts pages 1920x1080px (advert will be cropped)  

€ 350,- for 15 days  € 595,- for 30 days

Banner service. bSafe will design your banner.
Just send us your wishes, pictures (if available) and we wil design your banner within 48 hours, in high resolution.
(this option is only available in combination with your order for one of the above offered advertisements)

  € 65,- / banner service  
Start your advertising campaign today!
You can order your advertisement by filling in the order form below and select the option of your choice.
We will contact you directly regarding time period and needed content.
All banners will be linked to a bSafe profile, so advertising is only available for our members.

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bSafe offers companies and organisations to enter an exclusive partnership.
A premium partner can best be seen as a safety expert within a specific discipline and willing to share innovations, projects and solutions.
Providing information not only from out a commercial point of view, but also based on knowledge with an educational character.

Do you see an opportunity in this for your business or organisation?
Visit our partnerpage to learn more about the advantages and meet our existing premium partners.